Johnny Carr says we can do better

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Too many times, the Western church, our solution has been to go and build an orphanage, and we’ve come up short by doing that. We’ve done something good, but we’ve not done the best.

Don’t miss this short video featuring Johnny Carr, author of Orphan Justice.  He’s very sensitive and kind with his words, but these are serious matters. Our choices, even when we’re sincerely trying to help, sometimes have unintended negative effects that impact vulnerable children and families in ways we didn’t anticipate — even tearing families apart. If we can do better, let’s not dwell on the past but figure out how to make the needed changes.

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Andy Gray

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About the Author: Andy Gray hosts and writes for Uniting for Children. He lives in Cambodia with his family where he works with Alongsiders International. He wrote Home, a Cambodian story and created the video “Why Not a Family?.