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This reminds me to pay attention to children, and to people in general, and not to be too hasty to think I’ve seen enough already. Why does it touch my heart? It particularly does because my daughter’s have a friend who lost most of her family, and her arm, in a tragic car accident this summer, and they were just on Skype with her tonight.

I love how comics can put a finger on something important so quickly and lightly. This seems like a good moment to mention that the artist who drew Po’s World (the comic featured on this site) has begun work on a longer version that will explore Po and his world thoroughly. The name of the series will change to “Po and Ti.”  Ti is one of the new characters that will be added. I’m hoping the story (it will be a running narrative) will run for about 100 strips. Stay tuned!  Bookmark this site, or ” like” our Facebook page in order to get updates.

The comic above was originally published in Spanish here: http://mentirinhas.com.br/perfeicao/ .



About the Author

About the Author: Andy Gray is the editor at Uniting for Children. He lives in Cambodia where he works with young adults transitioning from life in an orphanage to living independently. He filmed and produced the video “Why Not a Family?.

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