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Home #4 – It doesn’t feel right

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All over the world many children in orphanages are dropped off by their own mothers or fathers, because they perceive their children will be better off in the institution. They are also under great stress trying to provide for their families and need help. Sometimes they literally have to choose which child to put in care and which child to keep at home. So why not help parents (and relatives caring for orphaned children) directly? If Po’s mother received basic support, like rice and school supplies each month (or even cash), she wouldn’t be taking Po to an orphanage. Such basic support would cost much less than the monthly cost of caring for Po in an orphanage, so many more children and families could be helped for the same amount.

Andy Gray

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About the Author: Andy Gray hosts and writes for Uniting for Children. He lives in Cambodia with his family where he works with Alongsiders International. He wrote Home, a Cambodian story and created the video “Why Not a Family?.