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Home #6 – Po gets the orphanage tour

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When orphanages have resources like computers and special classes, it’s not surprising that parents and relatives send their children. Most orphanages (not all) try to screen out children who don’t really need to be there. But families find ways to get around that. Often the staff at orphanages find ways to get their own children, nieces, and nephews into the orphanage as well.

With a growing number of children to care for, even the most well-meaning staff have trouble monitoring what children are doing. This problem is compounded as staff come and go, not to mention when staff have their own relatives living at the orphanage who need to be looked after. I’ve seen multiple orphanages that struggle with children skipping school, especially as the children grow older. It’s hard to say why it happens. Maybe they lose a sense of urgency about school and don’t want to work that hard; perhaps they feel stigmatized at school; and maybe they feel confident they will be taken care of regardless.

Andy Gray

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About the Author: Andy Gray hosts and writes for Uniting for Children. He lives in Cambodia with his family where he works with Alongsiders International. He wrote Home, a Cambodian story and created the video “Why Not a Family?.