Mark Riley

Mark Riley

Mark works as an Alternative Care Consultant and Child Rights Advocate based in Uganda and works throughout East Africa. He worked for the Ugandan Government as a Consultant and Adviser for two and a half years and now works and advises on programmes that support the Ugandan Government and other regional Alternative Care programmes.

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Training changing lives of children in Uganda

Written by on June 19, 2014 in Articles, Featured Posts with 17 Comments

A sometimes mind-blowing firsthand account of an ambitious attempt to improve the care of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.

It started in a cramped government office in Kampala

There are at least 50,000 children in residential care in the Uganda, a huge number by any standard. Uganda has been called the NGO capital of the world, and while some of these organizations are doing tremendous work, in 2011 it was just a handful of us gathered in a cramped government office in Kampala to talk about alternative care for children outside of parental care. Alternative care refers to practices designed to keep children, as much as possible, in families and communities rather than putting them in residential care. That first day we had no handle on who was doing what, why, and where.

Three years later and we have made significant progress, and I give the government immense credit for being passionate and pushing for change! The result was “The Alternative Care Framework,” guidelines for working with children outside of parental care with a strong emphasis on family preservation and reintegration of children back into families. These guidelines have potential to improve the lives of children and families throughout Uganda.… Keep Reading