How donations are used

The goal of the website is to raise awareness about problems with orphanages in developing countries, to communicate better options for supporting vulnerable children and families, and to help people connect, learn, and collaborate for change.

If you want to support the awareness raising work of this website, you can give using the “donate” link, but please read the following information first.

  1. Donations using the “donate” button are not tax deductible. They are private payments directly to the editor. Unless donations are designated, the editor will keep the money up to a maximum of $500 per month as a stipend. This is in return for the considerable time spent on the website and its related social media.  
  2. You can designate donations by writing a note when sending the donation (or by sending a separate email). Here are suggestions for designated donations:
    Po’s World – Help make Po’s World into an ongoing series. For $520 we can pay the Cambodian artist a fair amount to make Po’s World a bi-monthly series for an entire year.
    Why Not A Family on DVD – You can use the “donate” button to order DVD’s. The suggested donation is at least $3 per DVD, plus your best estimate to cover postage. Proceeds will either go toward printing DVD’s in Khmer for training in Cambodia.
    New Video Projects - Help fund more short, awareness raising videos. We can work with $200 or much more. If you’re thinking of a large project (and donation to fund it), contact the editor first and dream together. We can arrange to channel large donations through a non-profit if needed.
  3. If more than $2,000 is given during a calendar year, the amounts will be posted for the sake of transparency, along with an accounting for how they have been used.

Your generosity will be appreciated and noted if you choose to give.