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Checklist for evaluating orphanages

Written by on May 28, 2013 in Blog, Featured Posts with 0 Comments

Here’s a scenario you may find yourself in.

You are aware of the problems with putting children in orphanages, and you know things have to change. But you are already supporting an orphanage. You don’t want to drop the orphanage, because that would be irresponsible, but you want the best for the children who live there. What can you do?

Good question! We aren’t suggesting that people suddenly stop supporting orphanages and shelters. We are hoping for a day when the vast majority of orphanages are no longer needed, and that day will come through work and determination. In the meantime, as a donor you have some leverage to push for change. At the very least, you can check whether the orphanage is meeting internationally recognized standards and press for improvements and accountability. You may even have enough leverage to insist on transforming the orphanage into a family support center, but that’s material for another post.

Most orphanages fall far short of international standards. They may have good food, smiling children, and even computers, but all that is just a small part of the story. Click here for an Orphanage Check List provided by ACC International Relief that you can use to evaluate any orphanage to ensure it is functioning properly.… Keep Reading