Why Not a Family?

This video is a free resource, and I would love for you to have a copy to use for training or to show people who are considering how to care for orphans and vulnerable children. You can download a copy of the video for free by clicking here (.mp4 file)(When you click the video should start downloading. If it doesn’t, you can try right-clicking the link and choosing the “Save link as” option.

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Things You Can Do Next


Three things you can start doing now:

  1. Connect and keep learning.
    “Like” the Facebook page and follow @unitingfor on Twitter. In time you’ll learn about people and organizations around the world you can connect and learn from!
  2. Share.
    Share this website and your favorite posts on Facebook and Twitter. Take and use the video and other resources on this site and use them effectively!
  3. Work for change.
    Whether you’re a care giver, a volunteer, a donor, a pastor…start where you’re at and be a force for change on behalf of vulnerable children. Things aren’t going to change overnight, so be patient and humble, make positive connections, keep learning, and you’ll see the fruit of your efforts in time. Thank you!


Home, a Cambodian story



Home, a Cambodian story is a beautiful story with a powerful message. It’s told using comics that are easy to read and very easy to share with others! Read them online for free here. Besides sharing the comics on social media, you are welcome to use them in presentations and in training as needed.


Featured Organizations


The following organizations in Cambodia are featured in the video:

M’lup Russey
Works with government leaders at the policy level, trains caregivers, and offers reintegration and emergency foster care services.

Children in Families
Supports children in family-based care and does extensive educational work and emergency interventions to keep children within families and communities.

Spien / The Bridge
Supports nearly 2,000 orphaned children in family-based care with trained staff and a network of grassroots volunteers.

Other Organizations
These aren’t the only organizations supporting family-based care in Cambodia. Truly the list of organizations doing this is growing all the time in Cambodia and around the world! If you want to discover more such organizations, begin by making connections (e.g., on Facebook) and you will find them. But be aware that not every organization that uses the term “family-based care” is really doing that. Look for organizations and ministries that support kinship care (children staying with their own families and relatives), long term foster care (not group homes or “children’s villages” masquerading as foster care), and other wholistic programs that serve the most vulnerable children by restoring and strengthening families and communities.